Sunday, September 11, 2016

I sincerely don't give a fuck about your opinion

Writing for what?
Writing for me?
Writing for him?
Writing, writing, writing...

Endless crappy stories with infinite lines.

Stories in which heroes aren't real and anti-heroes aren't realistic.

The mind goes in multiple tangents when it needs a break.

I am listening to you when you say "this is how I feel," but you lose me every time you say "I think..."
I care more about what you feel than about what you think. There is no way that you can make me listen to someone's opinion for longer than a minute. I try hard, but my ADHD makes it very hard for me to focus on insignificant things. Excuse me, if I come across as rude, but I sincerely don't give a fuck about your opinion.

This is why I write. To express my humble opinion.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Inevitable encounters with passionate beginnings and deathly endings,
It's the only way I can describe us.

Bulls versus snakes fighting for love while no one watches, but everyone knows.
It wasn't meant to happen, but it did.
Life happens all the time before our naked watery eyes and we just stair at it.

Both of us are moving fast in different directions, but with the same destination.
Story of my life contradictions in harmony.
You give me that fire that I lack sometimes and I give you that love that you don't want.

Inevitable encounters with passionate beginnings and deathly endings,
Is the only way I can describe us.

Because we are so similar and different that it's scary.
I'll be there for you until the end if you can stick around at the beginning.
I can be your match only if you try hard enough to let go of all.

We keep fighting for the same cause, but we just fail at communicating.
I am here writing poems and songs while you are writing music in your head.
Our connection is effortless and our future was well written.

Only you can understand me even when you say you don't.
Only I can feel you when you are far and silent.
Only Him will guide us through it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The beginning

The beginning is exciting while the past is forgotten.
The past is painful during the process of forgiveness. 
Forgiveness is needed for the beginning to come to an end. 
The end will never come unless the past is resolved. 
Resolving the past is impossible when I see you. 
It becomes clear that he, the one who brings the good in me, helps me 
transform without pain. 
Transformation without pain is possible from the soul. 
My soul guides me while my mind confuses me. 
It is this battle between the two that drags me along to you. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

What if there was something

What if there was something between us, but our stubbornness prevents us from discovering it. What if there was more than what we know is real. I ask my self these questions while you dive into your life alone and alone. What if I am better off with this toxic love? Would I ever know? I don't know. I don't think so. There is no way we will ever know the answer in this life time. We are so similar in our stubborn ways and it scares me to see all my junk projected on you.

What if you were the one for me and I was the one for you. It would be nice to know all this things, but that would be too easy of a life. I can not ask for the impossible. I am at peace with us, but at times I get confused. Would I ever know if you are the one for me and if I am the one for you? I hope not because the process of getting close to you is way too complicated for me. I ask myself those questions because there is some love left that I am not able to let go of. I hold on to it.

What if there was more between us? It would suck to to find this answers when is too late. I feel like this is what we are doing. We are avoiding the idea of us because we are so afraid of being together that we rather be moderately happy. What an incredible duo of miserable lovers that pretend to be better off separete.

What if we die tomorrow?...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I go about my life finding egos that are so different from my own
I encounter big egos small ones and hidden ones
It feels as if the only reason why I am finding them is to let go of my ego

I have been able to let it fly away from me 
It feels amazing not to have to deal with my other self anymore
I still encounter that old self once in a blue moon but it is rare now

I go about life finding new opportunities that I once ignored 
I can make a fool of myself everyday and it feels great
More and more I can say that my purpose in life has been discovered

I have been able to discover what completes my soul
It might sound cheesy, but my purpose is to help others let go 
I am letting go of my egos that come in may shapes and sizes

Egos that can blind fold us through life and make us believe our own lies 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marriage advice for women

I wish I could predict the future so you didn't have to go through this pain. 

I was happy for you and sad because I knew that everything was going to be very different from this point on. I knew you were going to become a Ms. and that your Friday nights were going to be just like any other night except for the wine. I didn't want you to suffer or to experience what you already have. I wish I was a married older woman that could have given you good advice on what to do when things are hard. Unfortunately for both of us, I am a single 29 year old woman with a dog that recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend that was afraid of commitment. I am very ignorant in the subject of marriage because I have never been married and I have no desire to do it any time soon. 

All I can tell you is that when it comes to marriage, nobody will know your relationship better than you so this will make you the only person capable of making an educated decision. Separation sound worst than what it actually is. Before, I had a negative prospective about divorce or separation because I was reaised catholic I guess. Now I know the positive side of it and I am sure you know it too. 

Life goes on with or without you. I am proud you chose to carry on and to continue with your life regardless of your relationship status. The most important relationship in your life should be the relationship you have with God and not the one you have with your partner. I am glad you already know that. I admire your ability to not fool yourself and your honesty. I am learning from you and I know you have learned from me too. I was a bit worried about you a year ago, but my optimism kept telling me that you were going to be fine. You are fine. 

Your decission tells me that you love, respect and accept yourself for who you really are. I wish I could have predicted the future, but in a way I am glad I didn't. Life is a learning experience and God has a plan for you that might feel scary right now, but trust Him it will be wonderful. I know that you are stronger than me and you take way more risks than I do. I admire that about you and never under estimate your strenght because you are my hero in a lot of ways. 

I wish I knew more about marrige, but at least I know how to be a friend and I will be here for you. 

There is no better love story

There is no better love story

We are not even a story
 It seems as if we are that great couple
I talk about us while you avoid me
You think I am so madly in love with you
And I am
But trust me you are not all that
Only when you smile
My words rhyme when I talk about you
And I sing love songs when you kiss me
It is  beautiful to be madly in love with you

There is no better love story then there is us.