Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marriage advice for women

I wish I could predict the future so you didn't have to go through this pain. 

I was happy for you and sad because I knew that everything was going to be very different from this point on. I knew you were going to become a Ms. and that your Friday nights were going to be just like any other night except for the wine. I didn't want you to suffer or to experience what you already have. I wish I was a married older woman that could have given you good advice on what to do when things are hard. Unfortunately for both of us, I am a single 29 year old woman with a dog that recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend that was afraid of commitment. I am very ignorant in the subject of marriage because I have never been married and I have no desire to do it any time soon. 

All I can tell you is that when it comes to marriage, nobody will know your relationship better than you so this will make you the only person capable of making an educated decision. Separation sound worst than what it actually is. Before, I had a negative prospective about divorce or separation because I was reaised catholic I guess. Now I know the positive side of it and I am sure you know it too. 

Life goes on with or without you. I am proud you chose to carry on and to continue with your life regardless of your relationship status. The most important relationship in your life should be the relationship you have with God and not the one you have with your partner. I am glad you already know that. I admire your ability to not fool yourself and your honesty. I am learning from you and I know you have learned from me too. I was a bit worried about you a year ago, but my optimism kept telling me that you were going to be fine. You are fine. 

Your decission tells me that you love, respect and accept yourself for who you really are. I wish I could have predicted the future, but in a way I am glad I didn't. Life is a learning experience and God has a plan for you that might feel scary right now, but trust Him it will be wonderful. I know that you are stronger than me and you take way more risks than I do. I admire that about you and never under estimate your strenght because you are my hero in a lot of ways. 

I wish I knew more about marrige, but at least I know how to be a friend and I will be here for you. 

There is no better love story

And I talk and I talk and I talk about us

We are not even a love story
 It seems as if we are that one great couple
And I talk about us while you avoid me
When you watch basketball with your dad
You think I am so madly in love with you
And I am
But trust me you are not all that
Only when you smile
My words rhyme when I talk about you
And I sing love songs when you kiss me
If I had the opportunity to show you how beautiful it is to be madly in love with you
Would you believe me?

And talk about us like there is no better love story

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life is...

Life is what you give to the world
Everybody gets what they deserve
I am happy with what I have created for me
Life is what you give to the world
I deserve what I have right now and nothing more
I am happy with my outcomes even when they hurt

Life is good, because I am living the dream
Gotta have 3 roommates to make rent on time

Go to college, find a job they said.
Living the dream every day!

Life is what you give to the world
Everybody gets what they deserve
I am happy with what I have created for me
Life is what you give to the world
I deserve what I have right now and nothing more
I am happy with my outcomes even when they suck

Creating things that most people don’t get
Living the California dream to the core with lots of obstacles
Dedication should be my last name
I would rather create things than watching life pass by

Life is what you want it to be

Más allá de ti

Más allá de ti no hay nada que amar, amor constante,
amor discreto que amas con tus ojos y alejas con tus labios.

Más allá de ti existe un futuro verdadero, amor errado,
amor sincero que me huyes y me amas y te acercas de la nada.

Muchas veces he intentado amar como te amo sin ningún éxito;
solo tú y dios saben bien que es lo que siento.

Amor lejano que me alejas con el viento; te encontre un invierno pero
para el verano ya nos estabamos despidiendo y así cada invierno nos vemos.

Más allá de ti no hay amor, pero si hay felicidad.

What am I doing here?

You are here for to honor God.
But it doesn't seem fun?
It wasn't supposed to be fun.
I thought I was here to be happy doing what I want to do?
You have been told that since Genesis chapter 1, but it's wrong.
I think that life is about me and my desires. 
I know you want life to be about you, but it's not about you.
What is it about then?
It is about your relationship with God and his plan for you.
What plan?
He brought you here for a purpose.
What is the purpose?
Your life purpose is to serve, to love and to honor God's will.
I can do that, but what about how I feel. 
It is irrelevant because if you honor God your heart will be full of joy.
How can I do that?
The best way to honor God as a human is to walk with Jesus.
I believe in Jesus so I am cool. 
Believing in him is not enough. You have to act and think like him.
I can't do that he was such an amazing person and he was chosen by God. 
We were created to resemble God and we are amazing too.
I never thought about that. 
Honor God while walking with Jesus is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.


Plant your soles on the ground where they belong.
Hold your head up the spine where it belongs.
Appreciate your soul for what it is and for what is not.
Look around and keep smiling.
Smiles bring more smiles back.

Plant your soles on the ground to feed yourself.
Chin up, shoulders back and chest out.
God made you for a reason and a purpose.
Life is not as fun when you don't know that.

Plant your soles on the ground where they belong.
Hold your head up high in the sky where it came from.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The curvy curse

I was raised under the impression that all humans are created equal, but that we are all unique. Little did I know in my early years about different categories humans fit in for example, the handsome category. Some people are born into the handsome category and all their lives they are treated like handsome even when they look ugly. I ignored that those categories played a big role in society and that it is inevitable to not belong to a category.

During my adolescence, I discovered I belong to the curvy or voluptuous category, you get the point. I refused to belong to this category, but it was very clear I belonged there. I did everything I could to not be that, but it is really hard to fool nature. I was about 121 pound and still wore a 34 C bra size and size 5 pants. I wanted to be a flat chested-skinny girl because I wanted to be treated like a human being. I day couldn't go by without someone saying something about my butt or breast. It is petty uncomfortable to have 40 something year-old guys looking at your body with lust when you are only 14. I thought that if I was skinny guys would look me in the eyes instead of my breast when I talked. I thought that my appearance had a say in how people treated me. "Silly Elsa, appearance is irrelevant unless you want it to be relevant," I told myself.  I felt pretty pissed off about this because I didn't know how to stop paying attention to appearance when is in your face.

I called this syndrome the curvy curse. I was glad to discover that I was not the only one suffering from this. I found out that some of my friends, the curvy ones, dislike this as much as I did. My best friend and I realized that it was impossible to not be in the curvy category so we decided to embrace our curviness, we had no option. So between the age 16 to 17 I decided to not hate my curves and to embrace my body for what it is, a body that carries myself. A body that can give me so many things not only nasty looks. I decided that if was going to be the target for thirsty-ass-guys to stare at, this target was going to be a pretty out-spoken one. So I promise myself, whenever I feel harassed or annoyed by someone looking at my body, I am going to let them know or to ask them what's going on. So I did.

I made sure people would think twice before treating me like a pice of ass. Because I have been the target for many unpleasant comments and harassment just because my body looks a certain way, I decided to not only embrace who I am, but also to express my discomfort with it. One day a random guy at a club said to me, "Wow ass and boobs, just what I was looking for." I said, "You are pathetic. I respect your ignorance, but stop treating women like objects already we are not in the 60s." He said I am sorry and walked away. I was raised under the impression that all humans are created equal and I guess in my world we all are.